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Iveco Eurostar Cursor Wiring Diagram
Iveco Eurostar Cursor Wiring Diagram
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Iveco Eurocargo
iveco stralis

IVECO History

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The Italian concern, which produces cars of industrial importance - trucks of different carrying capacity, special equipment, buses, fire trucks, dump trucks, tractors, engines. The company is also trying its hand at creating SUVs.


There has been a merger of several Italian manufacturers in the FIAT group (FIAT Veicoli Industriali, OM, Lancia Veicoli Speciali and FIAT France SA, Unic) since November 1974, and the German company Magirus-Deutz, the division KHD (Klockner-Humboldt -Deutz - now just Deutz).


The result was the appearance of the IVECO holding company. The name stands for Industrial VEhicles COrporation. The uniqueness of this education is that all the companies have continued their previous activities, having replaced, in fact, only management and brand. For example, Unic continued to manufacture engines under the IVECO-Unic brand. Firefighter Magirus is now known as IVECO Magirus.


The union was beneficial - in the first year, 95 thousand cars of various purposes were produced. However, the quantity did not mean quality - as it turned out, it is difficult if the produced models differ so much from each other. They urgently needed to be unified. Many of the produced cars were withdrawn from production, others replaced them. The first car, about which it was possible to say that it was produced namely IVECO became, appeared in 1978, a heavy van Daily, which was sold in the same way as Fiat Daily. To date, several generations of the Daily have been released.


Iveco Stralis

Strengthened in the IVECO market, the absorption of other manufacturers began. So, in 1986 the Italian manufacturer of dump trucks Astra entered the holding. In 1991 - the Spanish company Pegaso, which produced the buses. Then joined the British manufacturer of heavy trucks Seddon Atkinson Group. A year later, the Australian ITAL (International Truck of Australia Ltd.) joined in. Since 2001, IVECO also owns the Spanish brand Irisbus Holding, under which buses are produced.


To date, IVECO is among the top ten largest truck manufacturers. Contracts are concluded with many leading manufacturers around the world. In Russia, this is UralAZ, in China - Naveco.


In 2007, a partnership began with the Samotlor-NN industrial group and the birth of a new company, Saveco, which will assemble IVECO products in Semenov, Nizhny Novgorod region.


IVECO plants are scattered all over the world. The company's products were repeatedly awarded the most positive feedback.