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China began to intensively develop agricultural activities for a long time, so it is not surprising that there arose a large number of firms that produce specialized equipment. Including, in 1959, a small company, Jinma, was formed at that time, which was able to overcome competition and remain at the leading positions in the world of mini-tractor production to this day. Not surprisingly, a company with a half-century history is considered one of the best.


This manufacturer is focused on the creation of mini-tractors of medium and high power, which can cope with the cultivation of any land. The mini-tractor price is set in full accordance with its quality and characteristics - more powerful models are somewhat more expensive.


Jinma has additional equipment. This characteristic promotes the model to a new level of use, when a mini tractor can take on most of the work on the ground.


Choose a mini-tractor from the company Jinma can be tailored to individual requests, requirements for work and its volumes. In addition to the quality characteristics of technology, Jinma has other features that distinguish it from competitors. For example, this is the availability of many certificates - two European and fifteen quality certificates. Such high product ratings are confirmed by the feedback of the tractor drivers who purchased the equipment for personal use.


Another important fact: mini-tractors from Jinma comply with environmental standards and are absolutely harmless. The company constantly patents all new technologies that improve the quality and capabilities of machinery. The most popular models of Jinma 204 and 244, which are universal options.


Mini-tractors Jinma is a technique that you will never have to doubt in working fitness, these are machines that can process any complex territory, all of which will be done in accordance with world standards of quality and ecology.

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