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Linde Forklift History

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In 1929, Carl von Linde, together with Hugo Guldner founded the Guldner Motorenwerke plant in the German city of Munich, and three years later, the headquarters of the firm was moved to Aschaffenburg.


Until 1938, the company specialized in the production of diesel engines, but starting this year, began production of tractors, whose task was to work in the field of agriculture.


1955 was marked by the fact that the hydrostatic transmission became the base of the process of production of special-purpose equipment.


Five years later, Linde decided to present her pride at Hannover Industrial Fair - the first Hubtrack.


In 1970, just for several weeks, the company stopped producing tractors and engines working on diesel. This made it possible to concentrate fully on the production of handling equipment, and a year later, the Hanover Fair saw the first electric loader Linde.


1977 became famous for the acquisition of a controlling stake in the American company for the production of forklifts Baker Material Handling Corp., and 1984 - the purchase of the French company Fenwick Manutention, which at that time was the largest manufacturer of forklifts.


1985 year marked the beginning of the release of the legendary 351-series automatic forklifts.


Four years later, the company acquired the British company Lansing Bagnall Ltd., which also specialized in the production of forklifts.


In 1991, the company's products were awarded the first honorary badge "Red Dot Design Award". This is a well-known European award for merits in the field of industrial design.


Two years later, a plant in the south of China was founded, called Linde Xiamen Gabelstapler Gezelshaft.


The year 2002 became famous for the presentation of an innovative series of loaders - 39X.


Three years later, the company organized StaplerCup - the first competition among forklift truck drivers, and in the following year, 2006 saw the light of a 500,000th forklift.


2007 was a landmark event, as Linde became part of the KION group, a European leader in the manufacture of lifting and transporting equipment.


Since 2008, the company presents all sorts of research that is aimed at finding the engine of the future.

LINDE today

To date, Linde loading machines are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent standards of environmental purity and international quality. This technique is incredibly reliable and safe, durable and technically thought-out.


According to the testimonies of independent specialized publications of different countries, Linde is one of the largest manufacturers of lifting and transport equipment all over the world.


Manufacture of lifting and transport equipment of this company is established at nine plants in Germany, England, France, America and China. It should be noted that the German plant is the leader in production - more than 39 thousand units of products per year.


In addition, Linde is one of the largest producers of various gases that are used in industry. In addition, the company carries out large-scale engineering development of warehouse equipment, which is produced under the brands Linde and Still.


Linde serves more than 1.5 million consumers in more than 50 European countries, as well as in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. The number of people who work in the company's factories reaches 50 thousand people


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