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Man Fault codes
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MAN Trucks History

Some MAN Truck Manuals & Wiring Diagram PDF are above the page.


The history of the famous automobile brand begins in 1840, from the time of the opening of the Ludwig Zander machine factory in Augsburg.


In 1893, the factory in Augsburg created the first experienced diesel engine, and in 1897 the world's first efficient diesel engine.


In 1908, after the transformation of the name of the factory into the "Machinery factory Augsburg Nuremberg AG", as a consequence, the name "MAN" arises.


1915 year. The construction of the MAN-Saurer truck factory begins and the Sauerer assembly plant is transferred from Lindau to the MAN plant in Nuremberg.



1919 - the first MAN vehicle for garbage collection was launched, with a motor-hydraulic dump body, created for German city transport enterprises.


In 1920, the merger of the company MAN with the concern Gutehoffnungshutte and the creation of the first, for the company MAN, a program for the trade of trucks.


A year later MAN type 3Zc, which has 3 tons of payload and is equipped with a 40 and 45 hp carburetor engine, comes off the conveyors of the MAN plant in Nuremberg.


In 1923, in Augsburg, the first usable diesel engine with direct fuel injection was developed - a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a power of 40 hp at 900 rpm. It is based on the MAN truck type 3Zc, with chain drive and 3.5 tons payload. After some time, the company MAN produces the first low-load diesel bus.


In 1924, at the automobile exhibition in Berlin, the first serviceable truck with a diesel direct injection engine with a capacity of 40 hp was introduced.


In 1980, there are 39 company-owned sales offices in Germany with 700 employees. In 19 countries of Europe, there are 299 MAN truck dealers.


1982 year. The joint program MAN / Volkswagen introduces an off-road truck 8.136 FAE with all-wheel drive and divided tires.


An agreement was concluded for the delivery of 390 city buses for Istanbul (MAN / MANASH).


Since January 1987, production of trucks of the joint MAN / Volkswagen series, having a total mass of 6 to 10 tons, has been transferred to the MAN Salzgitter plant. Production of cabins, as before, is carried out at the Volkswagen plant in Hanover. Also, in the joint production program MAN / Volkswagen, light trucks G90 9.150F with a van are included.


On August 20, 1988, in memory of Henry Bussing, a carefully restored memorial was presented to the public: a house in Nordstaymke where Henrich Bussing lived and worked.


In 1989, the MAN group is expanding the series of diesel V-engines, releasing the V12 model with a volume of 22 liters, with a capacity of more than 1,000 hp. Conveyors come off articulated bus with a low floor NG 272 (height of the bottom entry step 320 mm, passenger capacity 164 passengers, engine power 270 hp).


March 3, 1992, from the assembly line of the engine plant in Nuremberg descends 500 thousand diesel engine.

At the 54th IAA Automobile Exhibition, a demonstration of a new urban SLW 2000 truck and an average low-floor bus is held.


1994 year. At the international motor show IAA in Berlin, a new series of heavy trucks F2000 is presented.