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The origin of the company started with the moment when in 1837 John Deere manufactured from polished steel plow, which allowed farmers - pioneers cut clean furrows on viscous soil prairies of the Midwest. The following year the author of the first commercially successful plow becomes industrialist and begins the story of the extraordinary success of the machine engineer, developing and patenting new tools to work on the ground. In 1864, his child takes the name of Deere & Company, and a year later opened the first sales branch, which becomes a precursor to the current branches of the company with a clear division of geographical zones.


The last quarter of the XIX century was marked by a victory for the company in the field competition at the World Exhibition in Paris: Deere & Company brings to the world market the most successful time for their own product - a plow with wheels and a seat, get rid of the worker from the need to go after him during plowing.


In 1876, already known to farmers "running deer" became a symbol of a registered company.


In 1880 and begins a long history of cooperation with Russia in Vladivostok port comes the first batch of plows in the amount of 900 pieces.


In 1910 Deere & Company combines its own independent factories and offices, centralizing finances. It develops the prototype of the modern global corporation in these years, there are the outlines of new interests and goals.


The economic downturn of the 1920s - the period of an epidemic of bankruptcy of farmers leaving the sector, manufacturers of tractors well-known companies, widespread strikes, layoffs and outs of the trade union ... John Deere experiencing a rapid decline in sales of tractors over 60 times. Nevertheless, in 1923 Deere & Company launches the two-cylinder tractor, which won instant success with consumers. In the midst of the Great Depression, the company occupies a leading position among similar companies complete cycle for the production of farm equipment.


1920 - the revival of the company's active cooperation with Russia in 1923 as a means of post-revolutionary weakened by hunger Deere & Company Soviet Russia supplies a few tractors, - and further deliveries are not forced to wait. From 1928 to 1932 Deere & Company has put in the Soviet Union more than eight thousand tractors.


Undoubtedly, this collaboration has led to the fact that the country has passed a short, though dramatic way from sickle to combine, and a common understanding of the need to develop their own agricultural engineering has led to the construction of large specialized tractor plants and the emergence of a number of universities in the country of agricultural engineering faculties.


Since the beginning of the Second World War in many countries there is a sharp increase in the mechanization of agriculture, the number of cars on the farmers fields doubles.


The post-war decade - the period of formation of the company as an international producer: in 1956 built a small plant for the assembly of tractors in Mexico, bought back the controlling stake tractor and kombaynostroitelnogo plants in Germany, there are their own businesses in Argentina, France, South Africa.


In 2000 Deere & Company announced the latest change in its logo: a deer was first depicted jumping up, not down.

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